Flexing Your Intuitive Muscle


We've all been there. Questioning our next move.

Should we? Shouldn't we?

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a tool, a little more dependable than a Magic 8 Ball and less daunting than a crystal ball, to make life easier and help with your decision making?

Well, luckily you do have this tool. It’s called your intuition, and it’s always being used, you just don't always notice. Life is busy, loud, and we are usually torn in a hundred different directions. We’re simply incapable of paying it much attention.

Until we do…

Strengthening Your Intuition

third eye, intuition

If you’re ready to strengthen your intuition, here’s a little exercise you can practice that will help you FEEL your intuitive guidance, so you don't have to worry about hearing it.

It takes a little time every day and a bit of quiet, which I know is hard to come by, but 5 -10 minutes right before bed works fabulously if that's all you can squeeze in.

  1. Get Quiet
    You want to shut out as much noise as possible so you can hear yourself think and aren't struggling to come up with questions. Close the door to outside noise and turn off the tv or any music, etc.

  2. Get Still
    For me, lying down works best. You want to make sure you are comfortable though, so you might want a pillow under your head and one for under your knees.

  3. Yes or No
    Ask your body to show you a YES response and pay attention to where that is. It may be in your gut but could be in one hand or the other, your head, your throat, just pay attention. Then ask your body to show you a NO response and feel into that.

  4. True or False
    Begin by asking questions you know are true or false. Purposely ask questions you know are wrong, such as, “Is my name Bob?” or something else that isn’t true. FEEL the response to these answers. Go through this process slowly.

  5. The Big Questions
    Once you are comfortable and have built up trust in your intuition, begin asking the big questions. These are the ones you don't know the answer to. I suggest you keep a log/journal of some sort to keep track of your questions and the answers you receive.

  6. Good-bye Safety Net
    After you’ve gone through this process, and feel good about the practice and validation you’ve received, begin asking the questions while you are going about your business - while at work, driving, cooking, etc. Whenever and wherever you are, start asking questions and feeling the response. Even though you’re going about your day, you can still feel it. I suggest asking your questions out loud, even if it’s only a whisper.

Just like with meditation, with more and more practice, you’ll be a pro. Your intuitive guidance will just come to you. And if you are continually using it, you will soon find you no longer need to use the questions. However, like any muscle, you need to continue actively engaging it if you want it to remain strong.

Everybody is born with the gift of intuition; it’s just a matter of strengthening your intuitive muscle so you can hear or feel it. With a little practice, you will be an all-star.


Kim Galliher

AUTHOR:  Kim Galliher is an OSYL Spiritual Diva, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer and Maker of Magick. Her purpose is to empower you, by helping you see the choices available to you and by creating strong magical tools that are available for you to manifest your intentions with passion.

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