February Astrological Forecast: Expect the Unexpected

February ushers in on the 31st with a Super Blue Blood Moon - the first in over 150 years. The second Full Moon of January (or Blue Moon) also has its full lunar eclipse occurring in the sign of Leo.

Eclipses tend to amplify the already potent energy of the Full Moon. Time again to release what is no longer serving you. Turn your focus on creating - manifesting the life, career, and experiences of your dreams.

So January ends as she began: nurturing what we sow into ripe culmination. Under her bright light, the Full Moon guides us and shows us the way.

We are made of stars and stardust, she says. Nothing is impossible.

During the final days of January, watch for drama, fun, self-expression, and your voice to be heard. If others have sidelined you, you will feel a significant push to speak up.  

Between January 25-February 4, ask where you have suppressed your voice? Bullied and victim no more, just look at the scores of young female gymnasts sexually assaulted by Dr. Larry Nassar who just put him behind bars for life.

Age of Aquarius

As befitting the sign of Aquarius which colors much of February, this is a somewhat unusual month celestially. The air sign of Aquarius and its planet Uranus rule anything offbeat, non-mainstream, unpredictable, sudden, avant-garde, genius, and ingenuity.

Think Thomas Edison, Oprah, Nelson Mandela.

All planets are moving direct for the second month in a row, yet there will only be three planetary sign changes. Having all planets moving forward for so long is a bonus. It began at the outset of the New Year and will continue into March. What is striking about this isn’t so much that all the planets are direct, but the length of time they are in forward motion.  A week, perhaps a month at most…but over two months? This is very rare indeed.

February finds itself in the heart of this planetary push ahead.

How does this impact you?

Aquarian energy is optimized now, encouraging us to feel, think and do outside the box, the normal grind. Look outside yourself, your circle, your community and routine for solutions. Break out of habits that no longer serve you.

Go baby go.  Full steam ahead.

Otherwise a quiet month cosmically. Oh, and lest we forget: one solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse on the 15th, the second of two eclipses.


Unshackled, February begins. With the Sun (our will), Venus (love/money), Mercury (communication) all in radical Aquarius, you may very well feel an earthquake inside, lightning strikes of knowing.

Pay attention to flashes of insight. It is not your imagination. Rather, these will lead to breakthroughs in persistent problems, areas where we find ourselves stuck.

What are you being urged to do?

Alternative approaches and solutions are your best bet this month.


With Messenger Mercury at its sharpest now, beneficent Venus and the Sun tied to the Lunar South Node (our point of release), all in humanitarian Aquarius, watch for opportunities to connect with your fellow man/woman. Look out for your neighbor’s best interests and look to work collaboratively as a group.

Together as one we rise and fall.

The two generous planets, Venus and Jupiter, challenge each other the first week of February. So be aware of where you can give and receive. Set stubborn resistance aside now. Often we say no, declining opportunities that offer a way out of our conundrums.

A mantra for February is “say yes and figure it out later.”

Responsibility, Structure, Integrity

Look around.

What needs resolution in your world?  Who needs healing?  You, your family, your workplace, community?

We are called now to consider more substantial, broader aspects of our lives, our footprint on this earth, the impact each one of us creates as part of a chain reaction of existence. This is no small feat.

Good thing heavyweights Saturn and Pluto are in serious Capricorn now, teaching us Responsibility, Structure, and Integrity. Use this energy as a functional platform on which to build your life. Saturn (dharma/karma) and Pluto the transformer hold your seat to a firm foundation while you meet on-coming challenges, pursue dreams and rise to the above-mentioned humanitarian call.  Man-made disasters in Yemen, Myanmar, and Syria come to mind. These are considered some of the “worst humanitarian crises since World War II”


The preponderance of off-beat Aquarian energy at the outset of February is enhanced by Mars in Sagittarius. You may feel a strong need for freedom.

What liberates you rather than confines and binds?

Some may feel persecuted or victimized by circumstance with this energy. Better to steer yourself toward healthy solutions.  Choose an adventure, search or quest. Try going on a treasure hunt rather than staying trapped on a never-ending treadmill of “why me?”

Deep Healing

Deep healing is at hand now with generous Jupiter aligning beautifully with healer Chiron. Take a break, take a timeout, take time off. Science has proven that those who are most successful know when to say when. Change it up, go outside for a walk, or change your scenery to get fresh perspectives.

And simply…rest. 

Wake up renewed and ready to tackle challenges from alternative angles.

Can you feel the love tonight?

Midmonth brings the most cosmic activity. First, on February 11, Venus enters Pisces. Here the planet of love, money, and relationships shines the brightest: the Venus in Pisces lovefest. Mm, mm, mm.  Nothing quite like it!  Feel her angelic, adoring effect just in time for Valentine's Day.

She is gracious beyond measure for the next month with time, energy and money.

Over the next ten days, Venus pairs with her higher planetary wavelength, Neptune.  Dream a little dream. Now is the time.

Pisces and its ruler Neptune rule dreams, as well as inspiration, fantasy, music, water, sleep, and universal love. Mother Theresa comes to mind. From February 17-24, you can’t help but feel the love. It is everywhere and all around.

The Winter Olympics also occur amidst this lovely Venus in Pisces stretch, reminding us all how far loving energy goes to repair relationships, the dysfunction of which is the root of so much suffering in our world.

A New World Order

Smack in the middle of the month, on February 15th, arrives the second eclipse. It is on the New Moon - a partial solar eclipse at 26 degrees Aquarius.

Talk about an invitation for new beginnings! A New World Order is on call.

With the Piscean lovefest of Venus, Neptune and Chiron combined with the humanitarian Sun (will), Moon (our emotions) and Messenger Mercury, all while Pluto and Saturn lay a firm groundwork, this is one heck of a New Moon eclipse!

Tremendous potential awaits.

Dream, Gather, Plant, and UNITE

We are called to dream (Pisces), gather (Aquarius), and plant (Capricorn). Power is virtually in our hands. Power to join together. Power to unify.

In such a contrarian, conflicted and war-torn world, repairing and healing opportunity unfolds; if we allow it.

Power in numbers. Strength in groups.

Can you see that you are not so different from your fellow man after all?  That we share far more than separates and divides us?

This eclipse invites us to let go of our differences and unite what aligns us.

Moderation: Everything in Balance

As the short month of February draws to a close, Messenger Mercury and the Sun’s shift into Pisces on February 18 and 19th, join Venus, Neptune, and Chiron. Pisces qualities intensify.

With any sign, there is always a caution: don’t overdo.

A water sign, Pisces can lead us down a very slippery slope. What good is a lovefest if it turns sour? If you stay too long at the party? Know when it is time to go home, to call it a day.

It is one thing to rest, dream, be inspired; another thing entirely to slide into escapism or addiction. Pisces rules drugs, alcohol, and addiction of any kind.

Be mindful: choose moderation. In everything, be balanced.

This applies especially to givers. If you are one who constantly gives to others, you need to be very careful of being taken advantage of now. Doing as much for yourself, in equal parts, as you do for others is not selfish. It prevents burnout and exhaustion.

Pace yourself.

While giving to those in need, remember to take time for your needs. Listen to beautiful music, relax in a gentle bath, compose a letter to a long-lost cousin, or get a massage.

Row-row-row your boat gently down a stream...
Go and do likewise.

AUTHOR: Hilary Harley is an OSYL Astrologer & Reiki Master. She offers astrological counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their highest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, they are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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