Do not Disturb - Meditating!

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is peace.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

When you think of peace, do you picture yourself alone on a mountaintop with the wind blowing through your hair? Or perhaps lying on a beach somewhere breathing in and out to the beat of the ocean waves? Or maybe just driving through traffic without cussing? 

Deep down, does part of you worry that peace is something you can only dream about?

If so, know that you can experience peace.  I’ve found it and would like to share some with you.

Peace didn’t always come easily to me - not even close.

Flashback to late summer of 2008. I was very overweight, unhappy, rarely sleeping and had zero coping skills. I’d spent most of my life using smoking as a coping mechanism and had given that up in 2005 (thank goodness!!!). I spent the next three years hiding from life and being miserable, often making my family miserable as well. Then something happened, a switch was flipped. You can envision a bright golden light shining down and a choir of angels singing while this beautiful sign from God was shown to me because that is precisely what it felt like.

I was given a subscription to Yoga magazine. I still don’t know why or from whom, but a magazine just showed up in my mailbox one day. I opened it up and knew it was for me. The next day, I contacted the community center near me to see about starting classes.

Because I was so heavy (I replaced cigarettes with comfort food and had gained 72 pounds) yoga wasn’t easy, but the last 10 minutes of class more than made up for any distress I’d felt during class. It was the wonderful time of savasana and mindfulness. I had found “my thing.” It was a magical place where tension no longer rented space in my body. My mind wasn’t continually jumping from one worry to the next. It actually slowed down and did something that resembled R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N. I loved this place and wanted to make it all my own.

In mid-2009 we packed up and moved across the country to Indiana, and I no longer had my yoga classes, but I was determined to continue the meditation. I set up a small altar on a single shelf of a small bookshelf and grabbed a pillow. I had some nice relaxing CDs and put one on. I was used to meditating during savasana for 10 minutes, so I set my timer for that amount of time and closed my eyes. This was the first time I’d tried to actually sit in meditation, and my mind was not cooperating like I’d envisioned. Instead, it went something like this:

Breathe Kim. In and out….in and out…
Should I be holding my hands a certain way? In what do they call it? A mudra?
Focus and breathe Kim. In and out…

This is harder than lying down. Maybe I should have laid down instead.
Just sit still and focus…

meditation timer

Has it been 10 minutes yet? Why hasn’t the timer gone off? Maybe I didn’t set it. 
(Opens one eye and peeks at timer-6 minutes left)
Focus on your 3rd eye and breathe…

I forgot to take something out for dinner.

Should my back be this straight? I don’t feel relaxed. How can I focus when I’m not relaxed?
Just breathe…
OK, I’m breathing.

Am I doing this right? This sure doesn’t feel the same.
3rd eye and breathing…

Is that damn timer ever going to ring? I KNOW it’s been 10 minutes!
Breathe…in…and out…in and…out…


I’ve got this


That pretty much sums up my first experience sitting in meditation, but with a lot more chatter I’m sure. Thankfully, it has improved dramatically since then! I no longer use a timer, as I sit for however long feels right.

The best part about it is that I did it again the next day, and the next and the next until it became an everyday habit.

Meditating - DO NOT DISTURB

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I had to train my family by putting up a sign on the door that read, “DO NOT DISTURB-MEDITATING.” I spoke to them all about what I was doing and what it meant. It took practice for them too, but once they saw the positive effects it had on my attitude and how much happier I was, they were willing to help in any way possible. 

Meditation helped me sleep and allowed me to not only go out into the world and be in stressful situations but to let that stress roll right off my shoulders.

It really was like magic.

Meditation opened up my intuition and reconnected me to Spirit in a way I hadn’t felt since I was young. It changed the course of my life, as it led me to Energy work, then actively doing Spellwork, then Intuitive work and Medium work. I don’t think I would be doing what I do for a living without meditation coming into my life, and it all started with an unexpected subscription to a yoga magazine.

I know not everyone has the time or patience to stick with it until it seems like second nature, and honestly even after all these years I still have days when it is difficult to stay in that magical space, so that’s why there is guided meditation. It keeps your mind occupied, but gets you into that relaxed state, so you still reap many of the same or similar benefits.

This download I am sharing with you is one that is super quick, easy, but so effective. You can do it almost anywhere, at any time.

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This Grounding meditation is for those days when you are struggling to keep it together. You can use it on those high-stress days or when you are feeling scattered in 20 different directions.

Personally, I use it when something unexpected happens to throw me off my game or when I am doing personal work in between client sessions and need to pull my focus inward. This meditation is just wonderful for that. I hope you love it and that it comes in handy. Most of all, I hope it brings you a bit of peace.

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AUTHOR:  Kim Galliher is an OSYL Spiritual Diva, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer and Maker of Magic. Her purpose is to empower you, by helping you see the choices available to you and by creating strong magical tools that are available for you to manifest your intentions with passion.

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