Divine Download # 2: Reflections - Judgement & Rejection

We understand that when your truth gets reflected back to you, it can at first be uncomfortable. We understand a common first response is to want to deny it...
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Look at her! Who does she think she is? Why is she saying that? Why is she behaving that way? Did you see what she wrote? Did you see what she was wearing? Who does she think she is?

Are these words you've said?

Have they been said about you?

Are you critical of what others are saying, doing, wearing, or how they are behaving? Well if so, you might want to keep reading because Spirit has a message for you...

Recently, a woman seeking help received a beautiful and poignant message from Spirit. They showed me that at the very core of her discomfort was judgment and rejection.

Since she was a little girl, she had been judged and subsequently rejected for her personality, for her vitality, and for her independent spirit. She grew up in a culture where girls were meant to walk behind the boys...where she was supposed to march and fit in. These familial and societal constructs hurt a girl like her. She was born to be a free spirit, but at each and every turn, she was judged and consequently felt rejected for her innate knowledge of who she really was.

Fast forward 35 years and this woman is now seeking answers to so many questions. As it turns out, the ENERGY of her childhood was her answer. This grown woman was actually reflecting outward to others the judgment and rejection she was feeling on the inside, the same judgment and rejection she received as a child. Her Guides asked her some tough questions, then lovingly guided her to see how she was projecting her suffering outward to the people in her life; and in turn, the experiences in all major areas of her life felt conflicted and unfulfilling.

These are the words channeled for her, for me, and now for you:

reflection in the rain, truth

"We understand that when your truth gets reflected back to you, it can at first be uncomfortable. We understand a common first response is to want to deny it...to blame others for making us “feel” a certain way - but please know - no one is judging you now or ever from the Spirit world. We are lovingly reflecting back to you the energy that you're currently sending out to the universe, and whatever you send outward to the world, you receive back tenfold.

So, if you are not experiencing what you want to experience in your life, right now, then to be clear... The only one who needs to change is you. We are not referring to changing your person, but rather your perspective and the delivery of your responses to life. That's all that needs to shift, and as you begin to shift, the life you see before your eyes will also shift with you…”

Spirit wasn't there to judge her, but simply to reveal the truth for her. They understand that oftentimes, hearing the truth is really hard. In fact, sometimes they know we will flat out reject the truth...at first.

But inevitably, there will come a moment when we face our truth; when we get really honest with ourselves and face how we have contributed to our own life circumstances.

That's when miracles can happen.

When we finally SEE what is...that is when real PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION can happen.

That is when we see the forest through the trees.

That is when we stop blaming others for where we are in our present-day circumstances and we can finally start to turn our wayward ships around.

That is was Spirit showed her, that is what Spirit showed me….

Judgement and Rejection

We look at other people who don't choose the same courageous or inquisitive path as we do, and we label them. You know the words we use. But here's the thing about this...by labeling and judging others, we're missing a key opportunity. The opportunity to show acceptance and gratitude.

When we reject or judge others, we ultimately do this because we, ourselves, feel rejected. And this rejection goes deep.

Most of us have carried this sense of rejection, the sense of ‘being different”, probably for as long as we can remember...as children, perhaps we were judged, for whatever reason...maybe it was how we looked, or because we were curious, or we expressed a unique perspective, or displayed a desire to live outside the box...and this judgement and rejection from others most likely left us feeling unwanted. From these feelings of unwantedness, oftentimes we create a “perspective,” a way of being to help us cope. Unfortunately, what can then happen is that those who were initially rejected, then become the critical ones (their reaction to life). The ones who were judged and rejected, now judge and reject others…

Perhaps we (even) saw darkness in others, but what we didn't realize is that all along, this darkness that we see in the world is an illusion that we've perpetuated and actually started to manifest in our own reality. The darkness we see in those around us is not real. This darkness is merely a reflection of the rejection we actually have inside of us - and let's face it - acknowledging that we feel unaccepted, unlovable, weird, or wrong, is hard. Instead (of accepting or seeing this for what it really is), sometimes we project those feelings outward (to others) and that is then what we “see” in the world, that is what we experience.

looking within, meditation, inner self

Do Not Look Outside Yourself for Answers

Spirit guided her and is guiding us now, to look inward instead of outside of ourselves for answers. They helped her to see that no solution outside of her would settle her need for what was “missing.”

It's not about, “Will this person change so we can communicate better, or will moving somewhere else make me happier, or will others accept that I want to be or have the career I want instead of what they want me to focus on?

These questions all seek answers outside of ourselves, and that is not what today is about.

Instead, we want you to please shift the perspective of your questions.

If it's a relationship that's concerning you, (ask yourself), “Am I the kind of partner I want my partner to be for me?”

If it's about where you're living, ask yourself, “Can I be fulfilled and peaceful living wherever I am? Can I appreciate all I have exactly where I am right now?”...It doesn't really matter where you physically live, it only matters if you live with joy, peace, and appreciation in your heart, for each and everything that you DO have in your current living situation.

Appreciation and Gratitude: Shifting our Perspective

Appreciate where you are now, and let the infinite possibilities (of where you’ve been) move you forward, allow life to flow, and only then will fluid, unforced change happen in your living situations.

Spirit insisted that self-compassion and love are the keys. Being gentle and kind with yourself, even in the midst of accepting our outward rejection and judgment of others, was necessary.

All of the darkness, flaws, and problems that you see in others are actually the darkness, flaws, and problems you subconsciously believed dwell inside of you. They are your outward projection and expression of that which you do not want to see in yourself - and how you instead see it and now manifest it all around you.


So Spirit asks you…

“Are you ready to make peace with this part of yourself? The rejected, judged part of you? The part (of you) who believes there's intrinsically something wrong with you?”

That is the question you need to ask yourself in order to heal.

Ending your suffering begins with you.

You get to choose to embrace who you truly are, to love and accept all of you, including these places of darkness and rejection.  In doing so you'll begin to reverse the patterns of judgment and darkness you've reflected outward, and attracted back into your life.

How can this help you?

Peeling back the layers of feelings, emotions and reactions CAN change your life.

Moving beyond the initial discomfort of painful, sorrowful situations, and stopping all blame and finger pointing is always the answer.

Understand that every single answer we seek is always within us.

We will never find our keys to happiness and joy in someone else’s pocket. Ever.

Connecting with Spirit and hearing what the Highest Version of you, the part of you closest to the Divine, wants you to know is what I do. I help others hear what they oftentimes are closed to and blinded by. I am blessed to hear what I hear, to see what I see, and to be able to show others information that, if heeded, can literally transform their lives. It is a gift. A gift I vow never to squander or misuse. I’m here to hear for you…

With deep respect and gratitude.

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AUTHOR:  Laurie-Elle is an OSYL Higher Self Messenger, Intuitive Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Akashic Records Channel & Reiki Master. Her main purpose in this lifetime is to help you hear the whispers, the cues, and yes, even the roar of the Universe. She shares the information that will lead you to more JOY, more ABUNDANCE and to experience a greater sense of PEACE in your life.

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