Divine Download # 1: Please Turn Off The Phone

Please Turn Off The Phone

Please pay attention, please turn down the music, turn off your phone, take off your pretty fancy clothes, stop fixing your hair, leave the room where all your friends are, and please just for a moment - get real... Come listen to me; please listen to me... Hear what I have to say.
Put down your phone

That is what one woman's Highest Self had to say - a plea for her to get grounded, get real, and to tune into her inner voice. Time to get present and get connected.

If this caught your eye, if this made you pause, then perhaps this message is also for you.

I am a Higher Self Messenger; my calling is to bridge the gap between you and Spirit and help you to hear the messages waiting for you. I connect you to the information you most need to know, now, in order to help you move forward. The information I receive comes from the Akashic Records, from your Highest Self, and from your Spirit team. Its purpose is to help you find your way, your calling. It’s meant to help you resolve your everyday problems, identify how you got the “problems” in the first place, and ultimately to understand how you can start to shift from where you are now, and move in a new direction, toward something far more joyful, loving, and peaceful.

As a channel, I've received countless messages from Spirit about how to best navigate life and how to help “stop the suffering” we all experience. I've conducted Reflective Resonance sessions for people all over the world and delivered uncensored, honest, and sometimes bone-cutting messages to my clients. It’s not always easy being the messenger, especially when my nature is to “please.” Nevertheless, with time and experience, I’ve fully embraced and embodied the role of Divine Messenger...I ask, “Who am I to sensor Spirit?”.

The messages I receive are unique to each individual, are always for their highest good, and are meant to help them move forward. However recently, my Guides made it very clear that these unique messages, shared through me, are also intended for the masses. These opportunities to learn, to awaken, to stop the suffering...they are Universal Messages, and they've asked me to share these “Divine Downloads” with you.

So, I will. I will start sharing this guidance, these “Divine Downloads,” as often as I can. My Guides have assured me that those who are meant to hear these messages, will.

Turn off phone, be present

Now, returning to the message of today’s Divine Download, Please Turn Off The Phone.

I ask you, just for a few moments, please, get quiet. Please follow the advice of the Divine, and find your center. Look beyond all that's external to you, let it fall to the recess of your life, just for a time...and get grounded. Once you begin to unplug and quiet down, you can start to look inward for your answers; you’ll begin to feel so much calmer. I urge you to slowly start to “tune back in” and listen to the infinite truth that lives within you.

My personal path to “hear” my inner voice has been a long and winding road. So if anyone understands that the process of discovering your true self takes time, I do. But please know that the messages to guide you along this path are there, waiting for you to hear them. I call them Divine Whispers, and they come in many different forms. In fact, I believe that one way the Universe spoke to me is through books! I’ve read so many books in the last ten years; I am starting to lose count. But these books are how I resonate with new information, so my Spirit team made sure I could hear them through words.

I would love to help YOU tune in to your whispers and help move you along your path today by sharing a guide outlining the details of five of my favorite books. These are life-changing books that are part of my special collection. They were sent to me from Spirit like a roadmap, to guide me, and to illuminate my path so that I could find my way.

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I'm Laurie-Elle, and I am a Higher Self Messenger. I connect you to Spirit; I help you hear the messages that are waiting for you. I am here to serve and add as much light to the world as possible, one client at a time. You don't need me to hear the messages for you; however, I am certainly willing to help you until you're able to hear them yourself.

I look forward to sharing these Divine Downloads with you.

May you find peace and tranquility in your everyday existence. I am sending you enormous amounts of love and light.

FREE GUIDE: A Divine Road Map

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The 5 Books

That Illuminated My Path

and that may illuminate yours...

These books were Divine whispers that helped to spark my Spiritual Awakening and move me forward along my path.

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AUTHOR:  Laurie-Elle is an OSYL Higher Self Messenger, Intuitive Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Akashic Records Channel & Reiki Master. Her main purpose in this lifetime is to help you hear the whispers, the cues, and yes, even the roar of the Universe. She shares the information that will lead you to more JOY, more ABUNDANCE and to experience a greater sense of PEACE in your life.

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