Cycles of Change

As humans on Earth, we are vulnerable to the uncontrollable shifts that occur around us. We can either trust and allow the flow or give in to our voice(s) of fear and drain ourselves by moving against the current of life.

The wisdom of Ehwaz - one of the 25 Futhark Viking Runes - asks us to open ourselves up to the power of flow. The Vikings received many benefits, as can we, from working with the rhythms in both our natural world as well as our present path.

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When I provide spiritual counsel in healing sessions or in workshops, I often ask people to reflect on where they feel they are in their life. On Earth, we are bound to the seasonal cycles of change, just as a woman is bound to the cycles that happen within her body from maiden to crone.

Let’s take a closer look into the three main phases of a cycle. Whether you are in the beginning, middle, or end of a cycle, the wisdom that comes from the whole system will feed wherever you are today as well as where you want to be tomorrow.

Phase One: Initiation

Like the magic of the phoenix, you have risen from your own ashes, anew and right with transformation. This is a time of breakthrough and shift. Hold tight to the inspiration and excitement of new possibility, as the unknown can also be troubling and anxiety provoking. You are unable - at this vantage point - to see the current outcome; and what resiliency and intuition this time will build as you learn to rely on your own judgment and build self-trust (sacred connection to your Power Center & Third Eye).

You have just recently left darkness behind you, you are in the light, and I must warn you to be wary of overwhelming yourself with great thoughts of the future or of solutions and in-depth plans.

The universe always has the first move.

When reading the meaning behind Dagaz, the rune of breakthrough and transformation, Ralph Blum writes,

“Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you its inner reflection.”

This quote embodies what I see as the gold in the shadow. For example, in this part of a cycle, someone may exclaim, “I feel so stressed because I don’t know how this situation is going to unfold and I feel so out of control.” Here is a statement that is being spoken from a place of shadow - a fear response - which is a normal part of our experience as humans. A skillful way of reorganizing this sentence would be, “I really care about this situation. And. being _____ and/or receiving _____ is really important to me.” I would state that the latter sentence is outlining the gold in the situation - what this person is really wanting - and this gold holds an entirely different energy and provides space for empowerment, whereas the first sentence in shadow carries a resonance that is sticky with defeat.

In this, if you feel that you are in the beginning of a new cycle - newly initiated - then this is a powerful time to reflect on where you have recently come from so that you may look to where you want to go with experience and knowing. Connect to the energy of excitement and will and look to seek out inspiring people and situations to experience in this potent time of manifestation.

Phase Two: Movement

This is a time of fire, doing, movement, and progress. “The more light you have, the better you can see what is trivial and outmoded in your own conditioning.” Kano, the rune of opening, shares a great lesson: there may come a time in this phase where we must live empty - and in this emptiness new possibility may grow. In this emptiness that Kano speaks of, we are also null of expectation and empty promises. Ehwaz, a wise rune of progress, shares with us that gradual development and steady progress is often nature’s way: we transform through slow growth in small shifts.

Ehwaz’s mantra for this phase is:

as I cultivate my own nature, all else follows.

At this part of our cycle, it is imperative to develop inner stability - for most that means working on self-expression (Sacral and Throat Chakras) and self-trust (Solar Plexus and Third Eye). With this inner stability, we have hope in resisting false momentum presented by old patterns or ways of being, as we wait for things to unfold.

If you resonate with this phase of a cycle, be gentle with yourself. This is a time of hard work, discipline, and building foundations. Therefore, it is an important time to practice self-care and remain present to your whole experience (body-mind-spirit).

Try to avoid procrastination, while also listening to when you need a break. Connect to your values - maybe even spend some time journaling or reflecting on what is important to you - and be sure to praise your growth, gold, and accomplishments along the way.

Phase Three: Wholeness

At this point in your journey, it’s important to remind you that you are not alone, you are not without support. Instead, ask for what constitutes for right action. Reach out to your benevolent guides, ancestors, ascended masters, Gods (gender neutral), and other forces of light and love. Ask through prayer, meditation, journaling, or Self-talk, and address the Witness Self or Teacher Within for guidance and answers.


I will to will thy will.” I am thankful for Raido’s message, as it reminds me that I must be aware of the difference between manifestation and manipulation. Although in action to create the life I want, I must also be open to seeing a bigger purpose and trusting in the winds of my path ahead. In completion, Sowelu shares

“even in loving, it is love that loves through us.”

Thus, we must practice the art of doing without doing by aiming ourselves truly and then maintaining our aim without manipulative effort.

If you feel that you are in the end of a phase, this may feel like a time of chaos or a time of deep connection to intuitions or “random” thoughts to leave your job or make change that may seem dramatic or abrupt.

This is a time to remain present and awake to opportunities coming your way. A yoga or meditation practice may be a great gift at this time, as can be ceremony and ritual.

Shift Happens

There is no bad or good place to be in cycle - as you can see above, there is room for growth, expansion, and enjoyment in each phase of a cycle. Some cycles last months, others years. Some things are out of our control, and other things can be manifested, quickened with intention, and molded to embody what you want.

I hope you may take comfort in knowing we are all a part of a much bigger plan, and that change is always around the corner bringing gifts of the unknown. Please remember that you are not alone and you need not depend solely on your own counsel - reach out to your benevolent guides and connect with your community. If you wish to talk about where you are in cycle and where you want to grow I encourage you to book a discovery call with me or one of my beautiful soulful practitioners here at Our Sight Your Light.

A Blessing

Below is a blessing for you to read. You may read this as a theme for a yoga practice, a mantra for meditation, or you may feel inspired to sketch this out on a piece of paper and add it to your altar or workspace. Wherever you are in cycle...

Power Center, innate fire of my Spirit, thank you for holding Self Love and Will in my Plexus. I ask you, with humble gratitude, to bless me with your fire of cyclical change. I am ready for a new direction. Intuition Space and All Seeing Eye, thank you for your wisdom and support. I am open to receiving your guiding force within body and mind. I am ready to see, feel, and hear your loving nudges and whispers, as you aid me in walking this path in right action.

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