Collective Consciousness... as I "see" it

The Our Sight Your Light MISSION speaks of the “overall expansion of Collective Consciousness,” but what exactly is the “Collective Consciousness” and why does it matter to us or to you? 

Alex Myles defines it as, “a set of shared beliefs, throughout the energy of the whole universe...It means that a collective group of people all have the same inner knowing and that all of our thoughts, ideas and feelings exist on a frequency that is accessible to everyone.”

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Simply put, Collective Consciousness represents an energetic frequency that the vibrations of many individual energies are collectively vibrating at. This means our energy (our consciousness) can either raise the vibration of the collective, or detract from it.  It is easy to see how this can affect the local, regional and global circumstances that we find ourself surrounded by in our everyday lives.

So what does that mean and how do I fit into the “Collective Consciousness”?  

Diving into the concept of the Universal Law of Attraction* years ago taught me that my thoughts, beliefs, responses and actions were all measurable, meaning that everything I thought or did resonated with a certain frequency (or vibration) of energy.  I was faced with an undeniable truth - the energy I was sending out to the world was reflected back to me in the form of the people, situations, outcomes and overall level of either joy or unrest that I was experiencing in my life.  I finally got it!  I was 100% fully responsible for my life.  Of course there is a great deal more to this concept, but in general terms, I figured out that I was in charge and capable of controlling only ONE thing in my world, and that was me.

As I’ve focused on raising my personal energetic vibration, many beautiful things have come into my life, including a new level of peace and understanding about who I really am, and what my true life purpose is. I finally understand that I am perfect exactly as I am, in fact, each and every single human being is.

As a result of these new understandings, of both how my personal energies impact my existence, and how the Collective Vibration has a profound impact on the lives of many, I began asking myself several big life questions.

  • What if more people started to see the oneness and the perfection of each and every human being?
  • Wouldn’t that change everything?
  • Wouldn't the ripple effect of love being spread, of tolerance and compassion being shared, and of acceptance of self and others, shift life as we know it?

I’ve often envisioned that a shift, not only in my vibration, but in the vibrations of many, would result in a sweeping change. I imagine that, with sweeping positive change in the vibrations of many, wouldn’t the Collective Consciousness equally be impacted? Wouldn’t this then result in greater joy, peace and love for all?

I ask that you sit with that thought for one minute.

  • What if each and every human being adjusted their thoughts, responses, actions, and behaviors, even just a little bit, in the direction of the love?
  • Could you imagine what kind of profound impact a shift in our Collective Consciousness (Vibration) could have on our human experience?

And just to be clear, I am talking about simple changes; small shifts in how we treat each other as human beings, how we view differences in others, and even more so, to actually begin to understand that there is perfection in those perceived imperfections in ourselves and others. If the collective human race chose to respond and behave with even just a little more kindness, compassion, consideration and tolerance, then I believe our entire planet could experience a monumental shift for the positive.

  • Sound like too much?  
  • Not sure where you would even begin?  
  • What if you simply started loving yourself more? Can you see how if you did this, you wouldn’t be able to help but contribute to the positive shift?

Even if you shift just a little, you simply can't stop waves of loving energy from rising to a new frequency, and you won't be able to keep out all that is waiting to enter your life at that new, higher vibration. Try it! Love yourself more, and watch how the world will start to shift right before your eyes.

A simple way to start is loving yourself more is to become an active member of the Our Sight Your Light Community. We will provide you with the tools and insight you need to help you move forward on your path, to find the right information, connections and resources you are searching for, and to help you learn to love yourself in a whole new way! Sign up for our free newsletter, and make sure you are on our list to receive insider information and freebies.

I personally intend to spend the rest of my days doing my best to elevate my personal vibration, as well as contributing to the rise in the frequency of the Collective Consciousness. I know I can do this in small ways, by being kind to my friends, family and strangers, as well as in larger ways, such as through Our Sight Your light. I will dedicate my days to providing profound healing, loving guidance to help others along their journey and sharing quality and enlightening information in our loving community.

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