August Astrological Forecast - All New, All the Time

After July's chaotic eclipse and retrograde season, August gives us a beautiful opportunity to begin our month and lives afresh.

All New, All the Time

The month opens with a brand spanking 🌑New Moon dancing on the cusp between July and August. For those on the East Coast of the United States and Canada, the New Moon occurs near midnight on July 31st. Anyone west of the Mississippi, however, the New Moon enters August on the First.  

For all, it is best to handwrite and cast your wishes and goals on August 1st or 2nd. Either 🌱plant them in the ground or 🌊cast into a moving body of water.  

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From here, everything follows.

You can firmly hear the Roar of August’s signature ♌︎Leo the Lion. Four, yes 4 planets are in this fiery, fertile sign: ♀︎Venus (love/money), ☉the Sun (our will), ☽the Moon (emotions) and ♂︎Mars (our energy); three of which align with Generous ♃Jupiter.

Be very clear about your goals and wishes; because this tour de force in creativity and expansion marking the 🌑New Moon yields what you ask for.  

Prepare to receive.
Be very thoughtful about your hopes and desires.

Heightening the horsepower of this 🌑New Moon, Messenger ☿Mercury turns direct motion the very next day. For the last three weeks, our mind and communication turned toward reflection and remembrance and other RE words. As it shoves into forward gear, ☿Mercury finishes its second cycle in the sign of nurturing ♋︎Cancer before re-entering ♌︎Leo. Push on now with projects, ventures, and relationships. Proceed with any major contracts and purchases.

It is GO time! 

Unmistakable Cosmic Guidance

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The dovetailing of the 🌑New Moon on August 1st immediately followed by ☿Mercury direct offers unmistakable cosmic guidance

Our emotions (New Moon) and thoughts (Mercury) are given license to chart new chapters with creativity (♌︎Leo) and care (♋︎Cancer). 

♌︎Leo incites our actions: how big can we dream? Meanwhile, Messenger ☿Mercury conjoined to the ☊North Node in ♋︎Cancer supply infinite imagination. Our hearts and our minds are invested for sure. Leo provides endless stamina and courage. Feel the Break-Out energy? We feel we can conquer the world!

The caution with all that 🔥fiery ♌︎Leo is drama and narcissism.

Watch for overly needy people trying to pull you into unnecessary complications, doing their work for them, preying upon your feelings and good nature. Radical ♅Uranus exactly challenges ♀︎Venus and ☉the Sun at the time of the 🌑New Moon. All are in fixed, stubborn signs.

♅Uranus in ♉️Taurus calls us to approach relationships, values, and earning income differently, more pragmatically and to apply our will with ingenuity. The ♀︎Venus-☉Sun pairing in ♌︎Leo is super romantic while ♅Uranus awakens a sensual realism.

Expect surprising relationships, either new people in your life, sudden shifts, unexpected shakeups (possibly dramatic), triggering moments. These can be positive and negative twists, but one thing is for sure: August leads with groundbreaking measures.

All new all the time is this month’s theme.
♅Uranus is called the Great Awakener with good reason.

Keeping it Real… Possibilities are Endless

The good news is that heavy hitters ♄Saturn-♇Pluto in sturdy ♑️Capricorn keep it real. The duo sets limits and says NO even when we are reluctant to do so for ourselves.

The heavyweights align with ♆Neptune and the North Node (our directional calling), guiding us to follow our intuition: what makes sense? What feels right yet also yields common sense answers and solutions?

We may be tempted by the fantasy and illusion that the continuing ♃Jupiter-♆Neptune conflict prompt; so the caution is avoiding smoke and mirrors, falling for spin and spin doctors. Best to refrain from hitting the escape button, laziness in all its forms, or relying on others to formulate opinions for you.

Apply focused thought and attention to matters at hand.
Take a step back, observe, detach, listen, and observe.

See for yourself what is real and what is not; The trio of ♌︎Leo planets incites us to create our own reality while ♄Saturn-♇Pluto give us the grit and tools to accomplish our goals. 

Ask: what is possible?

If you do your own work now, you will be rewarded down the road. You reap what you sow.

The possibilities are endless now. 

Powerhouse Energy

The first two weeks of August overflow with powerhouse energy. Take advantage! It builds like a steam engine toward mid-month. 

Sunday, August 11th, ♃Jupiter turns direct motion in adventurous ♐️Sagittarius, continuing its alignment with ♀︎Venus-☉Sun in festive ♌︎Leo. 

  • How big can you go?

  • How broad do you want to expand?

  • Your world, your vision, your goals?

Truly, this is exciting energy.

Unpredictability. Instability, or Perspective?

The very next day, Messenger ☿Mercury re-enters ♌︎Leo while ♅Uranus turns retrograde motion. The cosmic change agent, ♅Uranus offers unpredictability, instability for some, and for others a whole new refreshing perspective. 

Leading into the 🌕Full Moon on August 15th, with four planets in playful ♌︎Leo, all bets are ON. If you have been yearning to take a chance, pursue your passion, break out of a rut, create an entirely new you, lifestyle or career, this week is it. More than impelled, we feel compelled. So go for broke. 

The caution is ♅℞Uranus retrograde, especially as it challenges Messenger ☿Mercury (communication), along with three other ♌︎Leo planets. Watch for anything involving 🔥fire, escalating arguments, unrelenting turf battles where each digs in its heels, and accidents. 

At a minimum, exercise caution with any heat-based or electrical appliances. Make sure ALL are turned off after use or when you leave your home. Take care with any sharp utensils or tools. Uranus is the change agent, and it can redirect our lives on a dime. Turning retrograde right before the Full Moon heightens its unpredictability.  

Planetary Shifts… the party’s over

A few days after the 🌕Full Moon, a series of planetary shifts occur. One right after the other like dominoes, the trio of planets in ♌︎Leo switch into efficient ♍️Virgo.  Motivating♂︎Mars (our energy) leads the charge on the 18th, followed by ♀︎Venus on the 21st, then ☉the Sun (our will) on the 24th. 

Within the span of a week, the party ♌︎Leo hosted for much of the summer draws to a conclusion and the real work, nitty-gritty details of life starts. 

You will feel the sea change in attitude and action. 

Vacations gradually end and give way to a return to work, school, and routine. Welcome ♍️Virgo! Industrious, precise, and health-conscious, our creativity and imagination stoked by ♌︎Leo and ♋︎Cancer energies now turn ideas into productivity, making manifest our goals and visions.

The great Planner of the Zodiac, earthy ♍️Virgo harnesses resources into an uber-efficient production line. Always prepared for every eventuality, Virgo forms methods and algorithms to solve problems and find solutions. 

We just start acclimating to this energetic shift when Messenger ☿Mercury (our thoughts and communication) joins the ♍️Virgo stellium. Heightened the very next day on August 30th by the 🌑New Moon, five, gulp 5, planets in Virgo seek details, to know how, and want answers. The trick is not losing the forest for the trees, being too tightly bound by schedule and routine to squash flexibility and creativity.  

Planning and preparation are essential for successful execution just as much as over-thinking and submission to perfectionism can kill accomplishment.

The great news is the sheer drive of this 🌑New Moon. All five planets in ♍️Virgo align skillfully with ingenious ♅Uranus and four align with taskmaster ♄Saturn.

Harness your resources and potential to realize your summertime ideas and dreams now. Now is the time to put these to good work.

Behold what unfolds!

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{You will note above that I put in the astrological symbols throughout the article… this is so that over time, you will remember and know the symbols.}


AUTHOR: Hilary Harley is an OSYL Astrologer & Reiki Master. She offers astrological counseling and Reiki energy healing to help clients reach their highest potential. By understanding the role that planetary cycles play in their lives, they are empowered to make better decisions resulting in more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

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