9 Reasons to Meditate

and why you shouldn’t mix them up…

Meditation can make us healthier, improving our relationships, and how we deal with life. Meditation will literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain.

Meditation should be an integral part of everybody's life. Food, exercise, gratitude, and fun should be included, but meditation is vital in my opinion.

There are as many reasons to meditate, as there are meditation practices. Each intent or reason to meditate serves a purpose. One intent is not better than the other, however, being clear about why you are meditating is essential.

Know what your intention is before you sit down on the cushion.

Your intentions can vary from day to day, but try not to mix them up within the same meditation. Even though some intentions are not always exclusive of the other, be careful about them being too inclusive. What I mean is that if your set intention is being creative, you might also experience less stress; but you do not want to sit for a meditation session with the intent to cover everything.

By setting a specific intention and sticking to it, you will get more benefit from your time in meditation, and it will clear up any “why and the how” obstacles.

Reasons to Meditate

The possible intentions for meditation are endless, but here are some common ones:

  • Stress relief and better health and wellbeing

  • Manifesting and visualization. Creating your own life (being a co-creator)

  • Gaining clarity about an issue in your life

  • Stimulating creativity

  • Mindfulness and a greater connection to you and everything around you  

  • Prayer, gratitude, and healing the world

  • Spiritual connection

  • Your own awakening

Stress Relief

On a strictly physical level, meditation can significantly reduce stress, and lead to better health. Stress is recognized as one of the leading causes of death in our nation. An hour a day “on the cushion” can cure a lot of what ails us. Studies have even proven the benefits of as little as 10 minutes per day. In meditation, you can get in touch with both your physical and your energetic bodies.

Simply put, meditation can make us healthier, improving our relationships, and how we deal with life. Meditation will literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain. Meditation can be a direct path to healing our bodies.

Manifesting & Visualization

Brain Wave States

We are all co-creators of our life and meditation is a valuable support tool for manifesting and visualization.

As we drop into meditation, our brainwave states go into Delta, that sweet spot between being awake, and being asleep. In this state, we can glide into the quantum field, where all things are possible. This is where manifestation happens. What you think, or visualize, becomes your reality.

Spend time in meditation being grateful for what you want in life as if it has already been manifested; the universe will provide it in an unexpected way, and you will create the life you want.

Clarity on an Issue

Often, we bring our problems into our meditation. We are human, we have issues, and we don’t always just turn them off during meditation. So sometimes we can use meditation as a great way to safely explore these issues, and begin to solve problems quickly.  

A bit of a warning here though; if you spend your entire meditation enumerating the bad stuff in your life, that is exactly the life you will have because that is what you are creating.

Instead, identify a problem, and then open yourself up to the solution. Begin to imagine all avenues of positive solutions, and visualize what your life is like now that the problem is solved.

Stimulate Creativity

Some of my most complex projects have been explored, if not completed (at least the thought process) while meditating. This is your space to get creative, skies the limit. Open yourself up to possibilities, and all sorts of ideas can come to light.

Mindfulness & Increased Connection

Mindfulness is an actual meditation practice and can have a measurable and direct effect on the quality of your life.

We spend so much time thinking about the past or the future that it can be a big relief to be in the present moment. That is really what mindfulness is about. Because when you are mindful, you will have a great connection to yourself, and everything and everyone around you.  

Prayer, Gratitude & Healing

Praying and having a gratitude practice can also be an integral part of mindfulness and meditation, and a great reason to meditate. In this space, you can have a conversation with God or the Universe or your higher self.

Hearts Electromagnetic Field

You can also radiate love into the world. Your heart radiates your feelings into an electromagnetic field which has been measured up to 12 feet around you. This is one reason your dog loves it when you meditate. They can literally feel the love.

In meditation, you always have access to the collective consciousness, where you can also spread the love - literally. There have been plenty of scientific studies that document the effectiveness of this type of meditation.

Spiritual Growth

For my most personal and highest energetic level, I meditate for spiritual growth and enlightenment. It is in these practices that I choose to experience and discover myself my highest self.

  • To be aware, of that which is aware.

  • To remember who I am in the greatest and most profound sense of the we that we are.  

  • To experience non-separateness.

  • To know and experience the perfection in everything.

  • To propel humanity into an awakened state, and to help us forward in our own spiritual evolution.

As you can see, there are many reasons to develop and practice meditation. What are yours?

Again, I encourage you to set one intention as you start your meditation. This will ground you, and give your mind a direct path to follow.  If you receive a download or experience a direct connection to something greater than yourself, all the better.

Meditation has the power to change people's lives and to expand our abilities to change the world around us.

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Leanne McClain - Hypnotherapist & Stress Coach, HeartMath Coach, Intuitive Guidance

AUTHOR: Leanne McClain is an OSYL Transformational Healer, Medical Intuitive, Hypnotherapist & Stress Coach utilizing HeartMath Coaching, Intuitive Stress Relief Guidance & Hypnotherapy for Relief from Stress, Trauma and Abuse. Her invitation to you, is to take a leap of faith and realize the divine light and love that you are, and heal. Her purpose is to help her clients find relief from the effects of abuse, trauma, or PTSD, and to help them see that it is possible to have a healthier, happier, and joyful existence.  

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