6 Feng Shui Tips to Create a Chi-Friendly Front Entrance

There are so many aspects to Feng Shui, but one of the most ignored places tends to be the front entrance. However, the front entrance is actually one of the most important places in Feng Shui; it is how good chi (energy) can make its way into your home in the first place.

Do you have a hard time with delivery drivers finding your home?

If they can’t find your home, chi most certainly cannot either. So, if you’re going to start anywhere, start with the front entrance (or all entrances to your home if you have multiple). Let’s dive right in!

6 Front Entrance Feng Shui Tips

Address needs to be visible

The number of your home needs to be clearly visible both day and night. Think about adding new shiny numbers to the house, getting a light-reflecting sign (especially for those houses that are oddly placed like mine), or even adding a porch light to show the number clearly at night. If anyone cannot locate your home, chi will most certainly being blocked from entering, which means good luck and fortune will not find you.

Colors are attractors

BEFORE, but with freshly painted front door!

BEFORE, but with freshly painted front door!

Traditional Feng Shui states that a red or vibrant color door is great for adding more yang and attraction to a home in a non-busy area. However, if you live in a city, you want to add more calming yin into your home. If this is the case, darker colors of blacks, blues, purples, and greens will bring calming chi to your home.

I am naturally attracted to brighter doors; I just painted my front door a “sweet beet” color when it was a very dark cranberry, and I am extremely happy with it!


Welcome mats work very similar to colors in that they can add more uplifting energy with more vibrant colors or create a peaceful vibe with more simplistic colors. Either way, you want to have one so that both chi and good luck knows it is welcome in your home.

Uplift your deck or steps to your front entrance

There can be a variety of entrances if you live in a home instead of an apartment; wood, cement, and brick are amongst the few. Wood should be kept up with stain, and cement and brick should be periodically cleaned.

Make sure no matter what the entrance is that is kept looking fresh and beautiful. When I bought my current house, both of the porches were extremely faded and deteriorating. Obviously, everyone has a budget and mine was just enough to be able to freshen it up so it wasn’t so horribly grey, continuing to fade and rot.

Decorations are shiny chi magnetizers

  • Plants - fresh flowers or even fake plants (as long as they’re not super pointy like cacti) in pots or hangers will attract great energy as they add a sign of life to the entrance.

  • Wind chimes - wind chimes are fantastic to attract chi because they make melodious and peaceful noise but still draw attention

  • Wreaths - wreaths are another gorgeous decoration to add to your front entrance. It shows that you are celebrating seasonally with the elements and also creates a very welcoming environment for everyone who enters.

  • Other - other decorations such as lanterns, seasonal decorations, and lights will add a very homey touch to your front entrance and bring you good fortune as well.

Traditionally placing a lion or dragon statue will protect your home and adding decorations with colors of green will attract money. But follow your heart when choosing decorations, I believe that decorations that make your heart sing are the best type of Feng Shui there is.

Walkways are wonderful when curved

Walkways can be a bit tricky unless you’re building them from scratch. Ideally, a walkway would be curved and meander to your front door. If you have a straight entrance as I do, it's great to have something to distract chi a little, so it doesn’t add a rushing effect in your home (rushing chi can create anxiety amongst other odd feelings).

You can use fresh plants or garden areas around the entrance, have statues or plants along the steps to slow chi down or even having a wind chime hanging can help break up chi as well, so it’s not overpowering.

AFTER with freshly stained porch, address numbers, wreath and decorations!

AFTER with freshly stained porch, address numbers, wreath and decorations!

With anything, follow your heart and only use colors and decorations that make you EXCITED and happy!

Also, make sure there is no clutter around the entrance because that can deter chi too.

My front entrance make-over is still in progress, but you can truly see the difference!

Create time to make your front entrance shine and you will be rewarded! Every intention-filled action matters

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