5 Ways to Reduce Stress in less than 5 Minutes

Does your stress get the better of you?  

Don’t give up; Don’t give in.

Stress will run havoc in your life if you let it. Fortunately, we do have a choice, and we can easily manage our stress.

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Top 5 Ways to Reduce & Manage Stress in less than 5 Minutes a day


Hypnotherapist & Stress Coach, Leanne McClain shares with you some of her favorite ways to reduce stress in under 5 minutes!

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My passion is working with spiritual people who are haunted by trauma/abuse and stress who feel hopeless… and yet still desire to create and master a life full of joy, ease, and grace.

By combining Transpersonal Cellular Release Hypnotherapy with HeartMath, bridging science and spirituality, clients can deal with their trauma in a very safe environment, and learn the tools to lead a better life off of the cushion.

Hypnotherapy is as profound and life-changing as it is gentle. It is profound, soul level work. HeartMath is learning to deal with and manage your stress, and building resilience to stress.

I fully and honestly believe that life is easy. It does not have to be hard. In less than 5 minutes a day, you can relieve the stress that has been weighing down on you.

We are masters and creators of our own destiny.

We do not have to be victims of abuse, trauma, or stress.

Some people will tell you that I am little out there and that I can be stubborn at times. But when I am passionate about something - like helping you heal, these are good qualities. You will notice that I don’t hold back. I will get to the point pretty quickly.  

My intuition is strong, and I listen to the nudges and voices, and feelings that I get from the Universe. We are not in this alone - none of us are - and we all need a team.

I like to think I play pretty well with my team. And yes, I did say play. Like I said, bringing joy to the planet is important to me.

Living in Wyoming gives you a different perspective on what is important in life. It also keeps me very grounded, and well connected, and maybe gives me a slightly slanted sense of humor.

Back to my team…  

Why are you hear?  What brought you to Our Sight Your Light?  What brought you to this page?

Make no mistake about it; there is a reason you are here and reading this.

I firmly believe in the power of intention, and that the universe has your back. Once you set an intention, and tell the universe, you are good to go.  

So maybe you have been asking for help to heal your trauma, especially around abuse. Or perhaps you have been asking for help with managing your stress.

stepping stones to healing

You know what you have been asking for help with… and now you are here. I also know that the healing you are seeking has already begun.  

This is a stepping stone along that path.

I am really looking forward to the work that we are going to be doing together and seeing your transformation.

Start NOW with less than 5 minutes per day!

AUTHOR: Leanne McClain is an OSYL Hypnotherapist & Stress Coach, HeartMath Coach, and Intuitive offering a variety of powerful services to help you gain relief from Stress, Trauma and Abuse. Life is a gift.  Life is love. When you put your trust into this love, anything becomes possible. 

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