5 Symptoms of Spiritual Expansion


So many of us desire to grow and expand spiritually. That is what leads to the pile of books stacked on our nightstand, the online classes, workshops, and stockpiles of crystals of every color and size.

We wish to delve deeper.

And yet, all too often we shy away from that next step. Shrinking when it comes to leveling up.

We get a touch of the Expansion Flu, and we start to feel that maybe we just need to bundle up and stay where we’re at.

Why do we do it?

Change is uncomfortable. It means stepping outside our cozy, little comfort zones. It means shedding the skin we’ve grown accustomed to wearing that fits like a glove, and opening up ourselves to something raw, something Unknown.

And who knows what the Unknown holds.

5 Symptoms of Expansion Flu

"Expansion flu" is a term used for symptoms we sometimes experience as we raise our vibration, as we become more aligned with our Higher self, our soul.

The following are five common symptoms of Expansion Flu. Becoming familiar with the list helps you to recognize them, allows you to prepare yourself and more easily accept what is taking place.

#1 Getting emotional

Have you been crying for no reason? Or maybe it’s for EVERY little reason.

Being overly sensitive is definitely a sign of leveling up as you stretch the confines of your energetic space. Feel your feels. More and more, people are getting in touch with their empathic side as they level up and become more sensitive to energy around them.

#2 Exhaustion

Need a nap? Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning or are you hitting the sack earlier than normal?

Pushing the limits is tiring-ESPECIALLY if you are fighting the growth. Your energetic body is working so hard for you right now, and it is taking a toll on your physical body as well.

Take it easy, be gentle with yourself and rest when you are able.

#3 Overeating

Remember when you were young and went through a growth spurt and would eat everything in sight? The same goes for growing energetically/spiritually.

It takes A LOT of energy (see # 2) to fuel your physical body so it can keep up with the changes happening. Often the cravings are for sugar and carbs.

If you recognize the pattern, just try to keep it healthy and aim for high vibration foods and beverages.

#4 Anxiety oR Feeling Blue

Feeling anxious or experiencing a bit depressed is a common symptom as well. It comes from an innate fear of the Unknown.

Even if mentally you are unaware of the changes happening, energetically you know and are having a physical reaction to it.

Be kind to yourself; you deserve extra love. I suggest spending extra time in meditation, quiet reflection or journaling.

#5 Relationship Changes

This is the one people struggle with the most, I think.

As we grow, not everyone grows with us or is ok with our growth. We may feel ourselves naturally pulling away - not seeing, calling or texting these people with a lower vibration as often. If these are very close relationships, the symptoms from #4 may be even more extreme. It is important to realize not everyone can go where you are going/growing anyway. OR it may take them longer or a different path to get there.

True the transition is often scary, like some ugly monster hiding in your closet, but the results are often amazing. The world seems a little bit brighter, the air a little sweeter and love runs a little deeper.

Growing pains will always exist, but they are always worth the discomfort. You are just a little bit stronger for forging ahead.

You can even call yourself a Kickass Ninja Spiritual Warrior now if you’d like, too!

Have you experienced these symptoms or others during your spiritual expansion?

{NOTE: these symptoms can also be symptoms of other medical conditions. This is information of a holistic and metaphysical nature and at no time should it be considered as a substitute for medical advice for physical, emotional, psychological, or any other type of ailments.}

Kim Galliher

AUTHOR:  Kim Galliher is an OSYL Spiritual Diva, Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer and Maker of Magic. Her purpose is to empower you, by helping you see the choices available to you and by creating strong magical tools that are available for you to manifest your intentions with passion.

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