4 Steps To Promote Motivation, Abundance & Success in your Office

Shift The Energy In Your Office To Promote Motivation, Abundance and Success

Did you spend time decorating your office and making it our own, but then for some reason just can't seem to work in it? Do you end up using your laptop in the kitchen or even your living room instead of your proper work area?  

Why is this?

Colors, furniture placement, energetic influences, and clutter can all work against your motivation and focus. So even if you did spend all of this time creating the most beautiful office, if you can't seem to actually focus or work within it, these are the things that should be looked at and analyzed. Luckily you can totally revamp your office with some simple changes.

However, before we work on those, what is the purpose of your office space? What does your office represent to you?

Your office is the place where you are productive and focused, where you can let your creativity flow, and the place where you can create income to support your livelihood. This is the space where all of your hopes and ambitions come true.

So it should FEEL that way!

Every room should have its own purpose and nothing else. The energy tends to get very confused when you partake in other activities within a room that has its own specific purpose:

  • you shouldn't be working on your business or working on your fitness in your bedroom

  • you shouldn't have your office in your kitchen

  • you shouldn't have your wardrobe closet in your living room

So make sure you're not using your office for anything else besides an office if at all possible.


#1 Assess the messages of your current office

Let's start by assessing the message that your office sends. If you could hear your office speak, what do you believe that it would say to you?

- Are these messages aligned with your vision of the future?
- Are they aligned with the vision of your future success?
- Do these messages support creative flow?

What emotions arise when you step into your office? If you are feeling frustrated, cramped or overwhelmed, remove some smaller items or even some larger furniture to create more space.

When is the last time you checked your bookshelf? The books in your office affect the messages/energy of your office. If any of the titles do not align with your future image of your success, get rid of them.

If you have books from a previous location/job or any other decorations that are tied to the Past, their energetic messages may be preventing you from moving in fully to your future aspirations.

Your office may have been perfectly suited for your previous goals and desires when you set it up, but we are always changing and evolving. It is important that the energy of your office support who you are NOW and who you are expanding and aspiring to be.

#2 Assess the functionality of your office

Does your office function with ease or do you always have to pull something out of a drawer to use it? You want your office to be easy, simple, and properly functioning so you don't have to go out of your way for anything.

office supplies

Are the drawers jam-packed with papers or perhaps every time you open a drawer there are pens all over the place, and it's hard to find anything? Make sure you deeply clutter clear and get rid of anything that no longer serves you in your office, especially ridding yourself of anything that causes frustration.

How do you really want to feel in your office?  I guarantee you want to feel motivated and have creative flow and not feel lethargic, or annoyed.

Also, how do you feel about the furniture and the decorations in your office? If you're not happy with your desk or your chair or perhaps some of the pictures on the wall, you're not going to find that inspiration and motivation that you need to actually sit down and work. Find office items that you absolutely love so when you walk in, you feel joy, happiness and energized!

#3 Assess the Feng Shui

Is anything broken or not working properly? This will send negative energy throughout your office so make sure to make a to-do list to get anything fixed that isn’t functioning correctly - this goes for furniture, windows, and even unevenly placed pictures!

Another huge thing is proper placement of furniture. If you do ANYTHING in your office, make sure your desk is in a place of authority. This position will leave your desk FACING the door, but not in line with the door; otherwise that creates rushing chi.

Use the BAGUA map picture I provided above and superimpose this over the four walls of your office (your entryway is ALWAYS in the bottom section, so this means it would fall in the inner knowledge, career, or helpful people section). So for example, if your door entrance is located in the career/vocation section, you would want your desk IDEALLY with your back facing a solid wall, and you sitting at your desk to see the entrance easily but not in line with the door.

#4 Create inspiration within your office

office inspiration, flowers, scents, decorations

Have items, decorations, colors, and scents throughout your office that inspire you and make you feel successful. Trophies, diplomas, awards will all remind you that you are amazing! Make sure your decor makes you feel abundant, prosperous and like a boss!

Two wonderful colors you can use for motivation and focus are yellow and red. Yellow stimulates mental focus, concentration, academics, and discipline while red promotes motivation and drive. Just adding a few items of these colors to your office will do the trick.

Plants, Himalayan salt lamps, ionizers and fresh air all create a negative-ion rich environment which will keep you alert, awake and inspired. You can even add in some essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, lemon, orange or bergamot to promote awareness, alertness and focus!

I hope this has served you,

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AUTHOR: Bianca Mastrototaro is an OSYL Home Energy Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Chinese Herbalist, offering a variety of powerful services to help you turn around the energy and flow in your home, body, and soul. Trained in ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Native American and modern healing modalities to help YOU get to where you want to be.

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