30 Easy Self-Care Ideas

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Looking after yourself isn’t selfish, it’s sensible and necessary.

Taking time out for yourself, without feeling guilty (you know that list of “I should be doing…." that keeps popping up and stopping you from relaxing), needs to be an important part of your life.

If you are feeling stressed to the max, snappy at home, grumpy at work, feeling tearful, short-tempered, keep injuring yourself... all of these are telltale signs that your life is out of balance and that you need to start doing some self-care, quick smart, before you burn yourself out and end up in big trouble.

If you don’t get balance in to all areas of your life, you will find that you will start to struggle, and/or get angry and resentful.

These imbalances within you may start to make you feel unwell and become sick, or mentally and emotionally may start to check out of day to day life.

Life can be tough and day to day living can be a struggle, but when you do find ways to care for yourself, you will find that you can cope with everything else a bit better.

Why don't many of us do regular self-care?

Do any of these reasons (excuses) sound familiar?

  • You put your needs last, behind all of your family and friends

  • I am too busy

  • The kids need me

  • My partner needs my help

  • My job takes up too much time

  • I have to do the housework

  • I am too tired

  • I can’t say no to anyone

  • There isn't enough money left over for me to do anything

  • You feel guilty for spending money/time on yourself

If they do, then it's time to stop with the excuses and start working on ways to create some self-care time. It is the most important thing that you need to be doing for yourself.

It will improve your health, your mental wellbeing, and will improve your relationships with others.

The more self-care you do, the happier your life will become.

Set some boundaries to ensure that you take time for yourself, you are worthy and deserving of that. Say no to others and block out time in your Calendar/Planner for ME TIME.

30 Easy Self-Care Ideas

Self-care can take many forms, from Physical to emotional to Spiritual, and many of them are free.

Here are just 30 easy ways you can give yourself some self-care. They are realistic ways to love and care for yourself more, and I am sure that you will be able to think of many more, once you get into the swing of Self Care.

  1. Start a Morning Ritual - Instead of starting your day on Social Media, give a blessing of gratitude for your life.

  2. Meditate - Even 5 minutes a day can do wonders for your whole body.

  3. Do something physical - go for a Walk/ Gym Workout/ Sport/Yoga.

  4. Limit your Social Media time - Put your Phone/Tablet down

  5. Pamper yourself - get a Facial, Mani/Pedi, Hair Cut.

  6. Socialize - go out with friends/family; Dinner/Dancing/Movie. (anything so that you don’t have to tidy up and do the dishes)

  7. Invite people over - at home night with family/friends, full of fun and laughter. (make sure everyone helps with the cleanup, you aren’t the maid)

  8. Treat yourself to a Holistic treatment; Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, etc.

  9. Take a long bath - if you are lucky enough to have a bath, take a long relaxing soak (Natural Bubblebath, scented candles, soft music, dimmed lighting all make for a great bath)

  10. Turn off the TV, light some Candles/Essential Oils and listen to music.

  11. Be radical, leave work on time... or maybe even sneak out early if you can

  12. Go have a Coffee Date with your best friend, have a moan and a giggle about life.

  13. PLAY - with your kids and/or pets, laugh and have fun with them.

  14. Sit out in Nature, and really take time to breathe in its beauty.

  15. Cuddle up on the couch with the person/people you love.

  16. Be a child again - walk in the rain and jump in puddles.

  17. Read

  18. Join a Social Networking Group (in real life, not online)

  19. Go Camping/Fishing/Hunting but only if they are “your thing” and you love doing it.

  20. Be present, and enjoy the moment you are in.

  21. Take care of yourself physically - If you are carrying a physical injury, get it fixed, stop ignoring it.

  22. Take care of yourself emotionally - If you are emotionally struggling, get help, talk to someone professionally.

  23. Learn something new - Dance/Paint/Pottery/Cooking.

  24. Stop and smell the flowers.

  25. Go for a drive - out into the Countryside, Beach or Park (but not on Public Holidays, that will just add stress to your day)

  26. Go to the Movies

  27. Have a romantic date with your partner.

  28. Join a Book Club/Craft Group

  29. Do some gardening - but only because you enjoy it and it relaxes you, not because you feel you have to.

  30. Go shopping - but only buy what you can afford, or window shop for your dream future.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO FOR SELF-CARE? Share your self-care tips below so we can add to the list!

Remember to love yourself and look after yourself, because you are important, your needs are important, and if you don’t look after yourself, your body may find ways to make you, and it won’t be pretty (trust me, I know about this).

Take a moment to take care of yourself now.

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