3 Steps to Creating a Spiritual Council

Imagine with me for a moment, a realm full of beings lounging in light, waiting for you to get clear on what you need. They whisper sweetly, “just ask!”

If you don’t ask, you will never have your needs met in life.

That is a universal truth.

Beings of Light

Creating your own spiritual council is a practice used to connect with beings waiting to support and guide you.

Can you think of a reason you would turn down access to higher level knowledge and an opportunity to anchor yourself more fully in these higher realms?

On an energetic level, many…

  • don’t believe they deserve help.

  • think they don’t need help.

  • don't believe they have the ability to connect with the unseen.

  • are carrying some discordance with Source.

  • are fearful nothing will happen.

  • are stuck in the how to’s.

  • are self-sabotaging.

But this does not have to be you. You have the power to release these false beliefs and start connecting now.

Prep Work

Before jumping in, there are a few things to consider.

If you are not grounded, are in a stressful space, or have too much subconscious or emotional energy triggered, you may get momentarily blocked from doing this work. These situations can put too much pressure on connecting.

Ideally, you want to be present and relaxed, free of distractions and expectations. Trust that everyone can do this. You are no exception!

Creating Your Spiritual Council


Ask yourself what you need help with, where are you struggling, or where you are getting triggered.

It is crucial to get clear on what it is you want to create, your goals, or what your challenges are. This allows your new council to accurately help you.

Some topics you may decide to work on are:

  • Help writing a book

  • Help in healing a relationship or finding a mate

  • Help with your financial goals

  • Help with any health issues

  • Help in your career goals

  • Help with parenting

  • Help with emotional memories

  • Help finding a new home

Be sure you explore the details of what you desire, not just the topic. Really drill these down by brainstorming or journalling. Similar to manifesting, you want to see, feel, and be able to clearly know the goal you wish to achieve.

This level of knowing may develop over time. Your council can actually help you work out the details; if you are willing to release the constructs of how you think your creations should happen. Ultimately, have your vision, but be flexible during this process.


Ask for the highest level being(s) of light you can connect with to help you. From a clear neutral space, feel the connection to the higher realms through your crown at the top of your head.

Allow the connection to manifest from thin air; you will sense it’s legitimacy. You may get inspiration or realize what your next steps are if you stay open to it.

Discernment is key here.

You are an innately psychic and aware being that can discern between what feels in alignment and what feels out of alignment. When making a council, ensure the beings you are connecting with feel in alignment in your body and heart.

Trust your inner knowing and be willing to act on it. This means that if you ask, “are you of the light?” and you don’t feel like you got a clear answer, allow yourself to retract from the connection and start again.

The higher the vibrational beings, the purer the guidance. Now is not the time to sacrifice quality for meeting your own ego’s expectations. Be bigger than that by acknowledging it and acting on it if you see those “out of alignment” pressures arise.


Ask for guidance and perceive.

After you request to create your council and perceive their connection, see what information comes to you.

You may want to ask your new team questions about themselves or your goals. This can help you validate the experience if you are someone that questions or doubts your experiences. Their responses will also validate the connection and level of consciousness from which it was given.

Establish a relationship & a practice

From this point on, get to know your new team and cultivate a relationship. Think of it like you hired a team of professionals to assist you with something important. You can’t expect your council to work well with you if you haven’t created communication or fostered some semblance of a relationship.

This is where you want to begin to dedicate yourself to yourself and developing higher consciousness. Creating these connections is where all the magic happens. You will innately know what to do or see yourself making different choices if you work on keeping yourself clear and committed to these higher connections. This will help you act in alignment with Divine will, and your life has no other option, but to change in tremendous ways!

Keep in mind, the ego is a backdoor to being spiritually hijacked and not actually getting your info from a pure enough source to help you. The ego can shadow your guidance with all your fears and doubts OR beef you up to feel far more excelled than you actually are. Acknowledging this takes a level of knowing yourself and being willing to feel inward to recognize if the information is coming from you or not.

Remember, connecting and channeling is part of the intuition and discernment muscle that really is only formed with practice.

You will identify these situations with ease as you create a personal practice daily cultivating a caliber of self and awareness. When you know you have a susceptibility to aspects of ego, as we all do, you can spot it seemingly instantly. You will want this awareness so you have a clear path to Source.

In reality, we all have the wisdom and power within us to co-create our existence with Source consciously. We also have the innate connection to request cosmic support in any moment.

You deserve support whether your life is working smoothly or challenging. Why not have a little help?

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HariManit Love

AUTHOR: HariManit Love is an OSYL Multidimensional Healer, Divine Teacher, & Cosmic Oracle. She is a Channel of Grace, Kundalini Gong Yogi, and Essential Oils Vibrational Healing Practitioner. Using all of her unique gifts, she helps sort through the chaos to help you find clarity by shining light into the darkness.

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