Stories of Holistic Success

The following are stories of Bianca's healing...will you be next?

I spent four years in my twenties seeking help from various physicians in the dermatology and allergy specialties. This may sound familiar to those who have struggled to resolve skin issues. Not being able to find a solution, I brought the story forward to Bianca who considered the problem systematically, and spent time listening and dissecting it. Her first recommendation was to eliminate certain inflammatory foods. She also created a regimen designed to manage stress, modify sleep, and eliminate toxins. She treated "the person" rather than "the problem." And finally my skin cleared for the first time in years! When consulting with Bianca it's obvious how dedicated and passionate she is about herbalism and a holistic healthcare approach in general. She's realistic and will tell you what to expect, and also that the fix doesn't happen overnight. I am so grateful to Bianca for her persistence and ongoing support.  ~ Laura Martinique-Caldas

During allergy season, pollen is my number one enemy. This past season Bianca advised me on what to take and what foods to avoid in order to have less flares. Her health advices treated the underlying problem, making me feel better, healthier and lighter. She also gave me a syrup which helped me with my cough when I had a cold.  ~ Simone

Thanks to Bianca I am able to sleep better, and I now understand the benefits of a good night sleep. I was a musician for many years in Brazil, traveled internationally often and my circadian rhythm was constantly being disrupted due to frequent jet lag. Years later after my career as a musician "ended", I could not sleep through the night. Bianca advised me to take few tinctures, teas and flower essences and within few months I have seen an improvement and can actually sleep much better not having to wake up at the same time every night. There is still work to be done but I am glad I have met her and that she has been able to fix my sleep.  ~ Dito Regis

I had seen 3 dermatologists about a nasty rash I was having.  I was having 30-40 blistery lesions on my hands due to a reaction I am having with a drug I take intravenously called Remicade.  My doctors asked me to try two different lotions.  I had mild success with them...but I had to use it so often, I was running into another side effect of these drugs.  My skin was thinning on my hands.  Now, I had blisters and bloody hands.  My knuckles and joints on all my fingers were bleeding blisters.  The doctors offered one other thing to try- oral pills, which they were unsure, would work.  I was less than thrilled to add more pills to my regiment.  Bianca helped me so much.  She made me a salve made of all natural ingredients and herbs.  No side effects at all.  She even put it in a little container like ChapStick to make it easy for me to apply all day long.  The end result was my hands stopped bleeding and the blister growth slowed down.  I was so happy and grateful for her help.  I use this salve for many of the other rashes I have which are all side effects of my chronic illness...and it works well for those as well.  Her salve has lasted me a long time and it goes a long way.  I am very grateful for her help.   ~ Rob

I was working in an environment where demolition and construction was happening.  During this time, I was having trouble breathing as I was inhaling a lot of the dust from the sheetrock.  When I tried to play sports, I was struggling to breathe and felt like a fish out of water and found myself gasping for air doing the simplest of drills.  The doctors wanted to give me medication through an inhaler.  Instead of this medication, I looked for alternative suggestions.   Bianca made a tincture for me and I took it every day for a few weeks and my breathing improved.  Due to my Diabetes, I was encouraged by the doctors to get an EKG and a stress test and I passed with flying colors without taking the inhaler.  This also helped me to get back on the field so I could participate in sports again.   I’m not a fan of drugs and would rather go with something natural and healthy and I was very pleased with the results.   ~ Rob Thayer