Astrology Consultation

Is it time for you to Learn, Heal and achieve Wellbeing?

Liberate yourself through the timeless and miraculous art of astrology. Your astrological birth chart is the blueprint of your life. It is nothing short of a map -- your very own personal GPS -- outlining your life’s intended path, your greatest gifts and highest potential, as well as areas of particular challenge. Your chart is a life-coaching tool that will provide you with a wealth of self-understanding, allowing you to move towards a place of self love and acceptance. With increased personal awareness, you will have the necessary direction to take control of choices and opportunities leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Hilary offers 3 different Astrological Consultations:

  • Natal Chart Consultation: Your Natal Chart is often the best place to begin, especially if you have never had your chart read previously. In this session Hilary will review major aspects that greatly influence your life.
  • The Solar Return Consultation: Did you know that you are reborn each year on your birthday?  A solar return reading celebrates the changes of your new year of life.
  • Astrological Transits and Current Forecasts: This is a reading that highlights the combination between what you Natal Birth Chart reads and the current astrological forecast.
You are so gifted and awesome! Thank you so much. I do not know of any other astrologer who gives insights and information quite like the way you do! I have had charts read, various interpretations by others who are really good but I always learn something in addition or something else on another level from you. I highly recommend your readings!!
— Carol, Jamaica Plain, MA

Who will benefit from an Astrological Consultation?

You will benefit from an Astrological Consultation if

  • you are at a crossroads in life and want clear direction.

  • you wonder whether or not you are on the right path in life.

  • you want to know if you are fulfilling your true life purpose.

  • you have questions about your career or relationships and want to understand what is happening below the surface.

  • you want to understand and end unhealthy life cycles that do not serve you.

Is it time for you to Learn, Heal and achieve Wellbeing?

What is an Astrology Consultation?

Your Natal Chart:

This is a reading of the map of the stars and planets at your exact time of birth. The reading includes a review of the major astrological aspects, such as your Midheaven, the Ascendant and your Descendant. Hilary will also review the placement of your Sun and all the planets as they appear in the houses on your unique natal chart.

Your natal chart is the starting point of any astrological reading. It is the blueprint of your current lifetime that you co-designed with the universe. Your natal chart outlines your greatest strengths and gifts, as well as areas of challenge where you may be stuck or repeating the same mistakes, unknowingly engaging in patterns of unproductive behavior.

Together, we will review your natal chart, identify patterns and cycles, and devise a plan to help you break through to your highest potential. Your natal chart reveals the answers to so many of the questions you have about your life, whether about relationships, career, health, love or your future.

Your Solar Return:

Astrologers believe that you are reborn each year on your birthday. A solar return reading celebrates the astrological changes of your new year of life.  Find out what the next year has in store for you with a reading of your solar return chart.

Astrological Transits and Current Forecast:

What is going on with you?  In this session you can get answers to questions about whatever is currently happening in your world. Reading the planets as they orbit around the earth reveals new opportunities and challenges that may impact you.  Is this the best time to start a new project or business? Should you move? Will you stay in your current relationship? Knowing what lies ahead will help you make informed decisions that result in greater fulfillment.

Where, When and How?


Upon booking your session with Hilary, you will be asked to provide your date, exact time and location of birth. Hilary needs this information to accurately calculate and prepare a natal chart for her to analyze. It is not required for you to be present during the astrological consultation, although this option is available to you, either in person or over the phone. If you choose to have an in person or phone session, Hilary will send you the necessary contact information ahead of your session. Hilary asks that you be in a quiet place where you can actively participate and be present for you phone session. Hilary will provide you a copy of your natal or other astrological chart via email, as well as a recording of your session.


During a remote session, Hilary analyzes and interprets your chart. She records the session for you, and upon completion will send you a copy of your astrological chart and an audio report of the session via email.


Once the session is complete and delivered, you can contact Hilary with any questions about the session via email.

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Is it time for you to Learn, Heal and achieve Wellbeing?

Your consultation includes:

Each Astrology consultation lasts 90 minutes and includes an audio transcript for future listening. Sessions may be booked for either in-person or via telephone and are $200.

All consultations include a current astrological forecast reading so you know what is in store!