Natasha Allain BIO

What are the pieces of your story that have been lost, taken, or given away? How can you reclaim these parts of you and rewrite your success story?

Some of Natasha’s earliest memories begin at her Oma and Opa’s ranch in Southern Canada. As a child, she would walk the fields, cross the river, and pick wild flowers amongst the animals. This is where she found connection to herself and Nature. Natasha built a close bond with the animals on the ranch; they were, at times, her closest companions. It was here, at age ten, that Natasha began to develop Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, clear sight and mediumship.

As a highly sensitive child, and a developing Intuitive, Natasha was drawn to books about witchcraft, Faeries and spirits. On her 12th birthday, her Mother gifted her with her first Oracle: The Viking Runes. The Runes were a powerful Spiritual catalyst for Natasha, and with this beautiful gift, she began to receive extrasensory impressions and symbols from Guides and Spirits.

What happened during her next twelve years was incredibly challenging for Natasha. It seemed that she was destined to go through trial after trial, fortunately able to defeat and overcome each barrier put in front of her. Toxic family dynamics, sexual assault, stage four Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and four rough years in the Royal Canadian Navy were the primary battles and formative life changing experiences she encountered along her path.

As a “wounded warrior,” Natasha sought out deeper healing and discovered the glimmer of Spirit during a powerfully healing trip to Australia. There she met and worked with an Australian Shaman Medicine Man. This experience helped her to open to the light after spending many years in the shadows. During this time, Natasha met face to face with her Higher Self and was reminded of her purpose in this lifetime through a powerful vision. This vision gave her direction and clarity when she saw her warrior self lay down her sword to rest. She came to understand that it was no longer her time to fight, but instead, it was her time to heal. Natasha saw herself emerge from that “wounded warrior” scene as she made her way through a blood covered valley. Now, instead of fighting, she was healing, tending to the wounded. This is the moment when Natasha remembered who she really is...a Healer.  

Today you will find Natasha teaching Yoga and Intuitive Movement classes, dancing and playing at Ecstatic Dances, talking to her plants and animals, and co-facilitating Women’s Circles. She is healing her communities one song, one session at a time, and filling up on endless love as she blows raspberries on her beautiful children's bellies.

Natasha looks to empower those ready to reconnect, restore, and awaken! Connect with Natasha to bring forward the patterns and chords that connect you in this life. What is your purpose? Where is your Gold? And, what do you want to create?

There is no time like the present to begin living your truest path. Change does not happen to us, we must choose change. Heal, ignite, and transform with Natasha today.