The 21st century is now considered a “safe” place for natural born Mediums to proudly practice and share their gift of sigh, though it wasn’t always this way. For centuries, those who could make contact with our passed loved ones were often shunned, feared, or even persecuted for their gifts. Now, the gift of Mediumship is being celebrated and seen for what it truly is, a level of Divine connection that few truly have, but so many long to experience and receive. However, it still isn’t always the easy choice to share with your family that you are “different.” To tell them the details about what you see, hear and feel as a spirit medium. Moreso, it’s an even greater challenge to then make the decision to share your gift with the world! To shout it from the rooftops that, “I see and talk to dead people!”

Lynne-Marie definitely understands these challenges. From a young age, she was labeled as being different. She was the “sensitive” one. She was able to see, hear, sense and receive messages from those who passed. As a clairvoyant, she is also able to sense and “see” events that have not yet happened, and this was frightening for some and mind-blowing for others. However, it wasn’t until the unexpected death of her 15 year-old sister that her psychic connection exploded. Losing her sister so unexpectedly at the tender age of nine thrust Lynne’s connectedness and her gift of Mediumship to new heights of sensitivity and knowing.

Intrigued by the world beyond the veil, as a young teen, Lynne-Marie began studying and learning the Tarot. She practiced the mechanics of Tarot but truly blossomed as a reader because of her direct link to the Spirit world. She could “hear and see” the meanings of the cards, so her gift took her to a new level of divination with the Tarot.

For many years, Lynne-Marie shared these gifts at private functions, or within the safe confines of trusted family and friends, as she continued her career in the legal field. In time though, it became more and more difficult to separate her two worlds.

While participating in psychic fairs and reading for individuals, her reputation for extreme accuracy, coupled with her heart-felt sense of compassion for others, made her a sought-after Medium and Tarot Reader. The demands on her time finally pushed her to make a decision about her life’s work. Lynne-Marie decided to fully embrace her abilities and Spiritual calling; she completely immersed herself into the life of an Evidentiary Medium and Tarot Professional.

Today Lynne Marie has a large following in the New England area. She works diligently to serve her clients by booking in-person sessions and galleries in multiple venues across Massachusetts. Lynne-Marie has joined Our Sight Your Light to expand her reach to a national and global audience, with the hopes that she will be able to spread more love, light, connection, and healing to people all over the world. Her in-person sessions are booked out for months, so having the opportunity to now work with Lynne-Marie virtually is a true treat for many, and a gift for those of you who are fortunate enough to hear the message of Spirit through her.