Lois Lovegrove BIO

Lois Lovegrove has been involved in Alternative and Holistic Healing since the early 1980's. She is an internationally trained ThetaHealer®, 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, and Level 3 Universal Energy Body Worker. She’s originally from New Zealand, but is now based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia, as the warmer climate suits her better.

Lois loves working with Energy. She enjoys the wonderful experience of being able to help others improve their lives, by helping them feel happier and healthier, while removing pain and blockages from their body. She never ceases to be amazed by the results that can be obtained through the simple act of using different forms of energy.

Lois has a very practical and down-to-earth nature, and even though she works in the spiritual world, she never loses sight of the reality of the world we live in. Therefore, any advice she gives is always of a practical nature, that can be easily incorporated into everyday living. She thinks what makes her an even better energetic practitioner, is that she can truly empathize with her clients. She knows that life can throw us curve balls and rock us to our very core. She herself, has experienced her fair share of unplanned and devastating situations.

When Lois was in her early 30’s, she faced the sudden death of her partner. She felt compelled to start afresh, and moved far away from her home and family, and re-established herself in Australia, starting a new life. It wasn’t exactly what she expected to happen in her mid 30’s, but it happened. That period in time was filled with massive shifts and change, and as her outside world changed, Lois knew it was time to change herself as well.  She needed to heal the wounds of the past and discover who she truly was, so she could step into her role as a Healer, a role she had run away from for many years

People come to Lois for a wide variety of reasons; relationship breakdowns, death of loved ones, abuse, trauma, body issues, and self-esteem/worth/confidence issues. The clients she sees are people who are fed up with the way their lives are and want to make changes. Often times, the past is still haunting them and they want to break free of it, but don’t even know where to start.  Lois loves helping people who are feeling lost, afraid, at the end of their tether and unable to cope any longer.  She finds great joy in helping them turn the corner.

ThetaHealing® and Energy Healing are the two main modalities Lois uses, plus she has been gifted with the presence of Angels. Working with the Angels came as somewhat of a surprise to her, as frankly, she thought she was too "grounded" of a person to be involved in that “type of work.” Yet the Angels of Emotions came to her, whether she was ready for them or not, and they have brought so much joy and healing to so many.

The Angels focus on clearing and aligning emotions in the Aura, your human energy field, and Lois has seen them do the most amazing work. Many people have experienced great benefits from their clearing work. In the presence of these Angels of Emotions, Lois’s clients are able to deeply relax, their problems seem to disappear, they feel like they can breathe again, and that a great weight has been lifted off them.

Lois is so grateful to all of the Mentors and Teachers she’s had over the years, and to her fellow colleagues, who have inspired and encouraged her to keep moving, learning, and ultimately helped her to believe in her gifts. She truly has faith when it comes to listening to her intuition and knowing that it’s not necessary for her to always be confined by the dogma/rituals/routines that are commonly in place within many healing modalities, as she’s never been great at following rules 100%. Instead, she can trust that what she sees, hears, and is guided to share, is what is needed at that moment in time.

Through her work with clients, Lois has witnessed many tearful emotional releases, the freeing and lifting of burdens, and the discovery of underlying beliefs that have kept them repeating the same patterns over and over again. She’s also witnessed the healing of long term physical injuries, healing that had been delayed, due to emotional memories and traumas not being released, from around the time of the injury. Simply by tuning into the body’s energetic vibration and giving the body/mind/spirit the guidance, extra energy, and support it needs, Lois is able to help her clients experience healing freedom, through forgiveness and releasing what no longer serves them.