Leanne McClain BIO

Taking a heart centered approach, Leanne helps you get to the core of your stress, and learn how to dissolve it, turning any stressful moment into a delightful moment.

Through her own experience overcoming the powerful and painful consequences of abuse, Leanne has grown into a master of empowering you to heal from trauma and abuse.

After years in an abusive marriage and suffering the grief of losing numerous family members, including the passing of her brother, Leanne was diagnosed with clinical depression. Leanne was also diagnosed with PTSD, suffering from adrenal fatigue, a toxic liver, and her cortisol and DHEA levels were totally out of whack. She believed she was literally dying from so much stress.

At times Leanne felt helpless, but the knowledge that her four children needed her, helped her muster the internal strength to keep going, surviving, and living. She knew she could choose several ways “out” of her situation, but the one she chose was Spirituality. She studied integral enlightenment and said the big “YES” to life and evolution. Through allowing herself to fully embrace being her own creator and knowing the divinity within her, along with meditation, education, curiosity, and trust, she found herself starting to LIVE again.

Leanne started her studies with the HeartMath Institute, and eventually became a HeartMath certified coach. They taught her tools and techniques she could use every day to manage her stress. She then started seeing a Transpersonal Cellular Release Hypnotherapist, and eventually became a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist herself. She believes this was really her greatest of transformations. She spent many hours learning about past lives and how her past lives shaped her current reality. Her time spent in the Quantum field helped her greatly in her present moment, and she set the clear intention that she was no longer a victim and that she was not going to die, but instead start to live.

During this transformative period, Leanne’s intuition and psychic gifts blossomed. She truly came to know her Higher Self and subconscious mind, and she learned how to commune with God, Love, and the Universe. Her perception of death completely changed, and she let go of the need for grief. She is now happy and free from her abuser! She laughs, enjoys her kids, and her home is peaceful. She no longer has PTSD, is no longer depressed, and no longer identifies as a victim of abuse. She now credits what she once considered a horror story, to be a gift. Leanne loves that she can support herself physically, financially, and spiritually. She is free and loving it!

Leanne is called to share her gifts with the world. She knows just how powerful this work is, and believes it would be doing a great disservice to not share it with you; as her life, her abuse, her lessons, would all be for naught. She believes this body of work is vitally important, not only to you, but also for healing our planet. Leanne believes she is adding to the dream of achieving world peace, one consciousness at a time.