Through a Series of Life CHANGING events... 

Laurie learned of her unique ability to connect and channel healing for others. Personal heartache and major life changes forced her intuitive nature to the surface; she finally understood that the fire that burned within her was the gift of intuitive sight.  

She’s spent years honing and perfecting her craft of intuitive channeling and healing. She received formal training in Reiki (now a Reiki Master Teacher), became a certified REAP™ (Remote Energetic Alignment Process) practitioner, and spent two years conducting healing readings for clients all over the world as a professional reader for a popular international Tarot website.

Laurie knows that her purpose in this lifetime is to help people and she is deeply passionate about empowering others and assisting them through life’s major challenges. She specifically focuses on helping women & men who are struggling with relationships, loss, life challenges, career concerns, or other obstacles.

Laurie believes that "miracles" happen every day, specifically when a person comes to know the “truth” about what is really happening in his or her life, beneath the energetic layers.

Channeling messages from your Highest Self and Spirit Team, allows her to help you experience those “miracles.” She shares information that will help you to see and understand “what is” through a completely new lens, which will help you to gain a new perspective. This new perspective will allow you to experience feelings of acceptance, love and joy, instead of anger, resentment, shame, guilt or suffering.

Laurie is a witness to "miracles" every day, including the ones that she has experienced herself. She is just waiting to connect with you and help illuminate and clear your light within.

Let Laurie-Elle help you hear the messages that are waiting for you, and begin to peel back the energetic layers keeping you from experiencing the joy, the abundance and the peace that is intrinsically yours.

 You can learn more about Laurie's healing journey here.