Kim had her first experience with Spirit when she was not quite 2 ½ years old. While on vacation, her Pawpaw died. Kim knew he had passed and told her parents before they received the call telling them of the news. For many, many years this gift of spirit communication and knowing information about people that hadn’t been shared, was simply something that happened on its own (and often caused problems!). With no one to teach her, Kim didn’t learn to gain some control over her gift until she was 40.

When Kim began elementary and discovered the public library she soon became obsessed with witches and witchcraft. She read every book she could find on the subject. Kim began to study magic in her 20s. She studied Wicca, joined a coven and tried all the rituals, but the only part that truly spoke to her was the herbal and spellwork.

In 2009 she had her first experience with Reiki and realized she had long been doing something similar and naturally with animals. Animals loved being around her and she loved being around them especially the injured ones. She would bring home hurt, wild animals from the woods, had a pet turkey that followed her everywhere, and a collection of stray cats that always seemed to find her and cozy right up. When she found Reiki, it all made sense she was a natural Energy Worker. In 2011 she had completed her Reiki Master Teacher training and began her first practice.

Kim’s connection to Spirit, the healing power of Reiki (and other modalities she’s since added), and spellwork helped her become a more empowered version of herself. After overcoming significant challenges in her personal life she knew she wanted to help empower other women in her own special way of using spirituality and metaphysics to build faith, determination, courage and most importantly happiness.