Heather Tharpe BIO

“When we use our intuition as our personal navigation system, we can live our lives with natural confidence.”

Heather is a fourth generation Clairvoyant Medium. As an Intuitive Life Guide and Energetic Healer, she taps into these vast senses to serve as a conduit for her clients. Heather loves to help her clients foster their own intuitive nature, so they can better connect to their internal guidance system and communicate with their Angels & Spirit Guides for daily assistance.

Heather can’t recall a time when she didn’t experience premonitions or see Spirit Energy. While her Clairvoyance and Clairaudience skills have developed throughout her life, she spent many years with her gifts hidden from the world, even hidden from herself. It wasn’t until January 2011 that she stepped into light and began to better understand the spiritual skills she was born with. Soon after she opened her heart to her gifts and acknowledged that they’ve always been part of who she was, Heather was invited to attend an Intuitive Angel & Energetic Healing training. From that moment forward, Heather decided to fully embrace her gift and pursue her true life calling as a Clairvoyant Medium. Since then Heather has also received her Reiki certification.

Heather loves being the conduit for those who seek her out for guidance, and believes “It’s an honor to hold space for my clients and guide them to a place where they can truly embrace a new way of knowing and moving through life.” Learning to trust yourSelf is a cornerstone of Heather’s practice. She strongly encourages her clients to believe in what their gut is telling them, and she guides them to listen more closely to the information they need to hear and know to help dissolve the obstacles they encounter from within. Heather is here to help you move closer to living and experiencing your natural confidence and your belief in yourself.

Heather’s clients come to her with questions regarding love, finances, lost loved ones, and how to use the clairvoyant skills they believe they have. Many feel like they are at a standstill, consistently swimming upstream, have a heavy heart, are at a crossroads, feel energetically low, or all of the above. It’s often these moments in one’s life that prompt us to step outside our comfort zones, and open to a new way of viewing the world.

Heather knows that anyone who finds her has been divinely guided. Her life experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful are always mirrored in her clients in some way, shape or form - confirming for Heather that they were sent to work with her for a reason.

If you’re ready to learn how to truly trust your inner knowledge, honor yourself and your feelings, Heather can help you take action, releasing stress and expectation, so you can fully experience happiness and wonder now.