HariManit Love BIO

Are you a healer?

HariManit Love believes you are! She believes it is time to honor your “gifts” and awaken the healer within you.

There is a transformation taking place on this planet, and if you are reading this, your mission has now begun. Together, as we house more light and healing, we give permission to others to awaken from their slumber and step courageously into their sovereignty as we create a New Earth.

HariManit Love knows how challenging and, at times, overwhelming this can be. It isn’t easy to consciously heal our wounds and hurts. She has made her fair share of mistakes and told her Spiritual Councils to “kick rocks” plenty of times. She is so grateful to Source and her councils for showing her such love and freedom to integrate some of the deepest and darkest aspects of the human condition. There is no room for judgement or shame in the healing process. Although we may miss our blind spots and don’t always realize how many layers there are to wholeness, Source is one with us, and we can always tune in and realign to our Grace.

HariManit Love is a cosmic spiritualist and master diviner elevating men and women to the truth of their Divine being. For more than 9 years, she has intuitively dowsed to discover the root of limited opportunities in her clients’ lives. She incorporates her certifications as a Multidimensional Energy Healer, Kundalini Gong Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, and Oneness Blessing Giver to assist her clients in reaching higher states of awareness and greater opportunities in life. She works in the Akashic Records, on all timelines and spaces, and reveals to each client a deeper connection with Source and their spiritual councils. “You can be anything you want, but when you are aligned to your mission, that is what you will desire most. That is your blueprint to manifesting, be aligned!”

She started from a young age, connecting and practicing her “gifts” in her room with self-taught spiritual games. Later, after reminiscing of her past lives as she traveled the Earth, and a near miss with death, she rekindled the awakened state of that little girl. She was a soul awakening on the planetary second wave of ascension. She had the job, the freedom, the money, and was building the life of her dreams when she was “love bit,” as they say. This is when one is tested by a partner put in your path. For her it was a tumultuous relationship with, what she realized later, was a narcissistic sociopath. Learning about boundaries, codependency, parental issues, being an outsider, trauma, and abandonment shifted her timeline as a healer. In the process, she was given two beautiful babies, grew into a teacher, and learned about this extreme level of separation. Everything became clear in her work as a healer, social scientist, researcher, spiritual teacher, and mother. Nothing is far greater than the connection we build with Source, and not everyone wants such a gift and responsibility.

Just like many of us, HariManit Love has experienced her share of heartbreaks and even a near-death experience. That experience altered the way she craved connection and fulfillment in her life. She now teaches others to cultivate a relationship with themselves that will withstand the times. She acknowledges and understands that so many are experiencing heightened states of stress and often stand by watching their lives change in unimaginable ways.

You don’t have to traverse these difficult times alone. HariManit Love knows that you have access to unlimited light and Grace that can elevate you through these transitions. Let her guide you. Let her help you uncover and reignite the power that is intrinsically yours.