About Bianca Weissman - Herbalist, flower essence

discovered her passion for herbalism in brazil... 

Bianca first discovered her passion for herbalism in her homeland of Brazil. Her godmother, who still resides in Rio de Janeiro, is a master Holistic Therapist and has been Bianca’s key inspiration to pursue herbalism as her passion and career.  

Bianca moved to the United States in 2000 and watched helplessly as her health rapidly declined. What was happening to her? She found herself in an unfamiliar land, struggling with kidney infections, pneumonia, colitis and eventually was even hospitalized. No clear cut diagnosis or reason was identified for these ailments that plagued her, but her desire to feel “better” was strong.

Bianca learned more about the medical industry working as a medical interpreter for more than 10 years in hospitals all over the Boston area.  Her fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish helped her align with and understand the challenges people face in a new country. She watched them struggle as they tried to advocate for them self or for a family member who was ill, and she felt truly moved by this cultural and language struggle. Because of these experiences, she is extremely empathetic and willing to help immigrants who feel more comfortable communicating in their native tongue. She understands that speaking another language is hard enough and it’s even more challenging with the added stress of medical problems.  She also had an enlightened perspective as to why patients often get worse after repetitive visits to specialists and Emergency Rooms…The stress these situations add to an existing illness can be debilitating.

Bianca’s struggle with her own health wasn’t over. She found herself experiencing a thyroid condition and her doctors wanted to treat her with medication. Bianca knew from her experience with her aunt and her own informal studies about herbalism that there had to be alternative, non-medical option available to help her. Thankfully, her thyroid condition was resolved as a result of her own research and use of herbs. She finally understood that the shots and allopathic medications she was being urged to take from medical professionals were only taking care of her symptoms, and that they were not treating the underlying causes of her body’s imbalances. This situation really got her thinking, maybe now was the time for her to start using herbs more regularly in her own life.

The final push Bianca needed to leave corporate america happened when her husband became very ill. He spent twenty-three days in the hospital with a dangerous flare up of Ulcerative Colitis. Bianca made it her mission to help him holistically resolve his medical struggles, and over time, she worked to help him heal and improve his health to the best state its seen in more than 17 years. This moment was pivotal in her decision to formally pursue herbalism as a profession and to help people with her holistic gifts and deeply compassionate and empathetic being.

Bianca is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and has obtained her clinical certificate as an herbalist from the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism.

It’s important to note that, although Bianca is an herbalist, she is extremely grateful for conventional medicine and science, as they have their place in health and wellness, and have introduced so many advancements in life changing and saving treatments. Bianca fully believes that in most cases the balance between eastern and western medicine is a necessity in order to help individuals heal and feel better for the long haul.

Let Bianca work with you and help you better understand the multitude of holistic ways you can live a healthier life without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.